Auditorium 2: Duet is not the first Kickstarter project to run into trouble, and it won’t be the last. The decision to crowdfund a project that may or may not work out, or be fully-realised, or live up to its promise, is a risk most backers are well aware of prior to pledging their hard-earned money. Still, it’s a shame when things like this do inevitably happen. Such is the case with Cipher Prime’s first crowdfunded endeavour.

Initially pitched in February 2012, Audorium 2: Duet, as you might expect, was described as a co-operative multiplayer sequel to the 2008 music-based puzzle game, Auditorium. Originally a Flash title, it later came to iOS, PS3 & PSP, and garnered a generally positive critical response. Indeed, the title was successful enough that the Kickstarter campaign for the game’s sequel was picked up by 2,037 backers, raising $71,061 in the process.

Auditorium 2: Duet

Unfortunately, this train has now derailed, somewhat. In a recent update posted to the project’s Kickstarter page, developer Cipher Prime offers backers an apology for missing the sequel’s October 22nd deadline, filling in many blanks along the way.

Cipher Prime states:

‘Unfortunately, we’ve stretched ourselves too thin. Our communication has been crap. We’ve taken on too many responsibilities. We have been blindly running at this project for years, thinking that if we just worked a little harder, stayed up a little later, sacrificed a little more, we could finish the game, build our community, put food on the table, and stay sane — but that’s naïve. That’s 2008 thinking’.

Cheery. The developer continues:

‘We need to take a step away and reassess how we’re doing everything. Come up with a real game plan that doesn’t rely on us being 26-year-olds with unlimited time and energy to give 110%, twenty-four seven. To figure out not just what Duet should be, but what Cipher Prime should be’.

From the sound of things, and for whatever reason, the development of Auditorium 2 appears to have broken Cipher Prime. Should the game ever see the light of day, it seems like it’ll be a somewhat different game than the one originally envisioned. Over-ambition appears to be the culprit. Nonetheless, the developer vows to keep backers in the loop moving forward, promising future updates – even if just to deliver further bad news. I’m sure Auditorium 2 backers are beside themselves with confidence.

Auditorium 2: DuetCipher Prime are profoundly thankful for the support of their backers, however, ending the update post on a brighter note:

‘Finally, thank you so much for your support. Thank you for funding our campaign, thank you for giving us ideas — hell, thank you for yelling at us when we fall short of expectations. Every happy or angry email, comment, or tweet we get is just another indication that someone out there cares about what we’re doing. There are few things in this world worth more than people genuinely caring about you, and we’re lucky to have spent this time with you. We can’t ever really apologize enough for our failures, but we can sure as hell try to learn from them, for you… and for us.’

For more on the future of Auditorium 2: Duet, stay tuned to Cliqist, where we’ll report on any significant developments pertaining to the campaign.

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