Kickstarter backers of Lucy – The Eternity She Wished For will have noticed these past few weeks that the visual novel title failed to meet its October 2015 scheduled release. Korean developers M-vizlab have now apologised for the lack of updates and confirmed Lucy will now see the light of day on PC on 23rd December.

Lucy - The Eternity She Wished For

The Christmas release date does seem a little strange as most gamers will have plenty of other distractions, but the good news is a specific date has been given and Lucy hopefully shouldn’t slip again. As a remake of an existing release from 2010 a large amount of the project was dedicated to translating the native Korean storyline into both English and Japanese versions and this aspect has now apparently been completed, leaving just QA testing (and finishing touches to the iOS version).

A two month delay isn’t too bad in Kickstarter terms and backers at this stage seem perfectly happy to wait. This near-future tale of a boy and a female android was a big hit in Korea on its original release and visual novel fans, as well as the 513 backers, shouldn’t have too long to wait now.

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