Set sail for adventure, fame, and glory during the Middle Ages as one of several historical tribes of the seventh century. The Great Whale Road is a turn-based strategy and card game hybrid that just launched on Kickstarter and it looks to be an interesting combination that sounds like a fun and somewhat educational look at the past. If nothing else, you should learn something as the developers are looking to make the game as historically accurate as possible. In fact, they’ve been spending a lot of time researching this time period to make sure they get it right. Now that’s dedication to your work.

In The Great Whale Road you’ll be playing as one of several groups that were prevalent in Europe at this time. Pick your hero, grab some crew to man the oars and fight for you, then set sail along the North Sea to trade and pillage to your hearts content. Just be aware that you’re not alone on the waters as pirates and raiders are just as likely to take you down as the harsh ocean current and its denizens. There is plenty that you can do here from exploring to trading to taking on other boats and their crews with your very own deck of cards representing their abilities and skills.

The Great Whale Road

Each crew member represents one of four class types that most people should be familiar with: tanking, melee dps, ranged dps, and healing/support. Mix and match everyone on your ship to maximize your survivability while plying the sea lanes, using their own cards and abilities to fend off anyone that might want to take you on. While I’m not much of a turn-based fan in the sense of what’s being touted here I do love me a good card game, so I’m very much interested in seeing how The Great Whale Road plays. Thankfully, they’re offering an early combat build to try out, which should be available soon.

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