The indie game developing and publishing folks over at Team17 have released a snazzy hype video to showcase their 2016 lineup.  The idea behind the video is to get people excited for the upcoming year and the abundance of seemingly great games the team will be publishing.  Check it out, it’s not too long.

Notice something?  Of the five games in the video four of them were on Kickstarter.  Ok, so Allison Road wasn’t funded like the other three were, the horror games’ campaign was a big deal whose campaign cancellation is a whole other story.

While one can reasonably argue that where a games funding comes from isn’t important, the fact that most of Team17’s upcoming lineup is via Kickstarter is significant.  Besides showcasing projects that met with varying levels of funding and exposure, and showing that Team17 enjoys dipping into the Kickstarter pool, the video illustrates a point we continuously try to make; Kickstarter funded games do get released.  While it can be entertaining to look at scams and post-funding failures, those remain the exception, the fact remains that most Kickstarter game developers are on the up-and-up, and they’re creating some fantastic games with the help of backers.  As time goes on, and more Kickstarter funded games are released, hopefully we’ll see people change their minds about crowdfunding.


If you’d like to learn more about some of the games in Team17’s video be sure to check out previous coverage.  We’ve got Yooka-Laylee, Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE, Sheltered, and Allison Road all covered.

For my part I’m looking forward to Sheltered the most.  The Early Access release is a blast, and there’s some great features coming down the road.

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