Fans of old school adventure gaming should instantly recognize the name of Ron Gilbert. This guy was the one that introduced us to the Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island games over at LucasArts after all. And over 15k rabid fans flocked to see his return to retro gaming via Thimbleweed Park, a sort of spiritual successor to his previous outings. While we’ve heard very little in regards to development over at the Kickstartersphere there’s still plenty to show off. Just check out the latest quarterly update for the full monty.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is about two washed-up detectives that suspiciously look like Mulder and Scully from the X-Files as they investigate the death of a poor soul found face down dead in the river. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Ron Gilbert game without plenty of off-the-wall hijinx and colorful characters. That said, unless you’ve been following the blog you probably don’t know much more than that. The update does give you the option to join a mailing list where they’ll send each new post out to you via e-mail if you’re like me and don’t have the time to be constantly checking several sites for news. Which is why I just signed up myself. They seem to update quite regularly, too.

Thimbleweed Park

There’s little to the update itself other than showing off some awesome new shots of Thimbleweed Park beyond the mailing list announcement and a couple other useful pieces of information. Particularly for those of us who’ll be getting to add their name to the phonebook puzzle be on the lookout around the beginning of next year for the request to submit your recordings. And, for those who want to upgrade their pledge they’re looking into ways to handle that. Personally, I hope they go with BackerKit.

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