Yooka-Laylee N64 Flash Drive Reward Unveiled

Yooka-Laylee developers Playtonic Games have unveiled an image of one of the more unique rewards I’ve seen on Kickstarter – a 64GB Yooka-Laylee flash drive fashioned from an actual Nintendo N64 cartridge.


These N64 flash drives were available to backers who pledged $340 for the ‘64 bit edition’ package, an eye-wateringly high amount but it seems to have been incredibly popular regardless. Playtonic Games had previously posted an update about the difficulty of sourcing 500 mint quality cartridges which reflects the massive interest in both this project and this exclusive reward.

Admittedly backers at this level will also receive a host of other rewards including the classic box, a signed physical manual, CD soundtrack, art book, special thanks credit, enhanced PC Toybox reward and of course a copy of Yooka-Laylee itself. It’s worth noting that although the cartridge can seemingly still plug into a N64 console it’s just a flash drive and not a working game, although I imagine it will still be worth several times its original cost on ebay in future years.


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Dan Miller

Dan Miller

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Dan Miller


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