It’s been a while since we got a proper update for the post apocalyptic visual novel Exogenesis but the latest one is full of news, both good and bad. Unfortunately, there have been a number of setbacks, mostly related to the current fiasco with Razer’s acquisition of Ouya, but they’re dead set on releasing the game one way or another. Which, honestly is all that I can really ask for. There’s a good chance that the promised stretch goal of voice acting (which was met) might not be in at launch, if at all, but that’s really a small price to pay to actually get a release with the funds raised.


In regards to Ouya, Exogenesis was one of several projects to be a part of its “Free the Games” fund back when the console maker was still independent. With the buyout from Razer all games that were promised extra money are fighting to see anything from the promise way back when. Thankfully, it seems like the FTG money was only factored into the campaign as a sort of emergency fund. The requested money was what was needed in order to finish the game. The funds from Ouya was just a buffer for the unforeseen issues. Which did happen.


The other major issue surrounding the development of Exogenesis was some mismanagement of resources, particularly in regards to hiring programmers. It also didn’t help that Razer had its own list of systems that it wanted the game to be able to fully run on. Which diverted two whole months of time to make sure all ports worked fine. The main upside of this is that some of these changes helped streamline everything across the board. In all, I still have faith that they’ll deliver. Eventually.


We’ve experienced many missteps and disappointments, but we’ve recovered from all the setbacks, and production is now going better than ever. I wish I could express this clearly enough on behalf of the team, but we do feel your frustrations and fear of whether the game will ever come out.

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