After years of delay and months of silence (with the exception of a PS4 release announcement) Camouflaj Studios has finally revealed the release for Episode 4 of their stealthy crowdfunded hit Republique. You can expect to play the penultimate episode, titled God’s Acre, December 17th. That’s this year, in case you were wondering.


Expect to see several new enemies, a “large open environment,” and my favorite from the update “New characters reveal the deeper mysteries.” You know, like with what happens in any good story. The team is just wrapping up their final playtest now, and ensure us that the final episode is coming “early 2016.”

It’s been a long wait for backers of Republique, especially if you were waiting for the PC version. The campaign for the iOS game was fully financed May 11, 2012, only after the developer begrudgingly offered a PC port at the last minute. The Kicktraq really illustrates how many people backed entirely for the PC version during the last week. Yet, the PC version for the first three episodes didn’t arrive until February 2015, 15 months after the iOS launch. Better late than never.


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