Back in April an interesting point and click adventure game ran on Kickstarter by the name of Ira. Unfortunately, it failed to make funding and was canceled before the time ran out. However, you can never leave a good developer down and they’ve regrouped for a second try. The relaunch date is scheduled for January 5th and in the weeks leading up to it Ore Creative plans on releasing a good amount of assets to whet our appetites. Just head on over to their website and check out what’s already there.


For those just joining us, Ira tells the story of a young man dreaming about reaching the stars and eventually realizing his dream. Set in multiple time periods it covers humanity’s journey to the stars and his own personal journey from wide-eyed youngster to full fledged astronaut. As far as I know the basic story hasn’t really changed since the first campaign but it looks like the game will be expanded on if the relaunch is successful. I know I’ll be there day one because I loved the first demo put out.


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