Adventure fans will soon be treated to a pixelated experience in the form of The Slaughter, about a serial killer and a private investigator who finds himself in the middle of things. Two years ago a Kickstarter was ran and successfully funded and come January we’ll finally see at least part of the game released. While there had been talk about going episodic, minds were changed to bring it back to a full experience in one chunk. Unfortunately, due to financial issues it has been once again cut up into three smaller bites.


I’m not part of the camp that says episodic games are evil and as long as the story is good I don’t mind it being released a piece at a time. With the developer being able to clock in a three hour playthrough while knowing the solutions to all of the puzzles just for the first part, according to the update, The Slaughter looks to be at least on par with the longer adventure games. Keep an eye for the first third to be released to the public on January 28. Until then check out the trailer below.

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