MS Paint Adventures, the developers of the Homestuck Adventure, have released an update telling backers the game will be 2D. It was originally planned to be 3D because that was seen as the more efficient option. However, it has become clear that 3D animation and modelling comes with its own unique set of hurdles and the team has entirely changed direction.

Homestuck Adventure Game

I need no explanation for this, but it better be somewhere in the game!

Homestuck is a series with a huge fan base.  I never get too far on the internet without seeing Homestuck original characters or quotes. Most fans seem excited by the prospect of the game being in 2D since it takes it back to its roots, others seem a little frustrated by the time the game is taking to be made which is no joke since the game was meant to be ready for Christmas 2012. The Homestuck Adventure Kickstarter vastly overshot its $700,000 goal and raised nearly 2.5 Million.

Homestuck Adventure Game

Cute and creepy, my favourite.

Developers seem to have been working steadily, but this latest update seems to put a lot of focus of saving money and working on the efficiency of production. This makes me wonder if they have lost, or are expecting to lose, a lot of money during development. This may be due to changing from 3D to 2D, but we have no evidence to do anything, but guess. Personally, I appreciate the idea of Homestuck Adventure being 2D a lot better and after seeing some of the artwork for the game, I think the finished product is definitely going to look good. I’m also excited to know that Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale has helped contribute to this game. With what a huge success Undertale has been, I’m sure Toby’s name alone will help shift copies of the game when it goes to print.

What are your thoughts on the Homestuck Adventure’s new style choice? Would you have preferred 3D? If you are new, you should check out the original Homestuck Comic.

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