Back in April an interesting point and click adventure game graced us with its presence on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it then but after regrouping and working more on the game Ira has returned nine months later for a second attempt. This time they’ve drastically lowered the asking amount and are focusing on getting the first part of the game funded and pushed out. While there are no stretch goals mentioned yet I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining acts are included in pushing the goal to infinity and beyond.


Just in case you’ve forgotten what Ira is all about, let’s do a quick recap. You play as the titular character as he has finally realized his dream of reaching for the stars in an alternate history Earth. The space race started much earlier and as humanity worked together to make the world a better place instead of trying to kill each other off we already made it to Mars. Enter a strange signal from a nearby system and we strove to check it out. Contact with the first expedition was lost but our hero and others were recruited to continue the mission.


Just being an adventure game should be enough for me to back a project like Ira. And frankly it was. But, it’s the premise of the story that really sold me into wanting to know more. Space exploration and potential conspiracies aside what had made me most interested in seeing where they took this one was the idea of jumping between his past on Earth and his present aboard the Holocene II. I really enjoyed the demo back then and with a newly revamped one released for this second attempt I look forward to seeing how things have evolved since April. They’re already off to a great start but I’d love to see them reach the original funding goal before the month is up.

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