The Kickstarter campaign for Greeve: The Adventure Begins just launched courtesy of Indonesian developers Miracle Gates Studios. Presenting a promising blend of classic platforming action along with RPG-style advancement systems, Greeve is a Metroidvania style game, meaning progression will be non-linear and open up as powers and abilities unlock. It’s a strong buzzword for gamers that fondly remember the Metroid and Castlevania games from which it derives, so it’s possible that this campaign will gain some ground pretty quickly.


The Greeve campaign ends on February 14th, 2016, and is shooting for $11,000 of funding, with stretch goals upwards of $50,000. According to the developers, 30% of the funding will go to backer rewards, and they are capable of making the game with a small budget. A bold claim, for certain, but one that they seem confident in. While the occasional broken English on the campaign page might hurt it a bit, the trailer and screenshots themselves seem substantial and reveal their development chops. The developers claim that they have already had the game in development for seven months, and that their main limitation right now is the hardware needed to get it finished.

With its colourful visuals, pretty soundtrack, and inspiration from classic games, I feel reasonably confident in the success of the Greeve campaign. Suffering neither from too much ambition nor adhering to an overpopulated genre, it avoids some of the common pitfalls and they’ve already brought quite a bit to the table to show off. It’s good to see developers from a country not traditionally known for game development brought into the spotlight thanks to Kickstarter, and I look forward to hearing more about the project.

Track the progress of the Greeve : The Adventure Begins Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Dylan Cunningham

Dylan Cunningham

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