As you all know from our previous coverage, the Midora Kickstarter hit hard times. It seems obvious now that the Zelda-esque action-adventure game set its sights too low in terms of funding. Despite meeting its goal and raising $70,000 dollars, Epic Minds soon realized that they’d need more than double that in order to deliver the game. Since the October update, many backers lost hope in Midora ever coming to life.

While the developers still want to work on the game and do plan to release it some day, they realize they have failed. Failed to deliver, to meet deadlines, and failed to keep backers regularly updated.


Midora was set to be an Action Adventure game akin to Legend of Zelda.

“We took your money to create a game and simply failed to deliver. This shouldn’t need explaining but, at the end of the day, we are not thieves.”

If you backed Midora then now is the time to ask for a refund. Looking at the comments, it seems many backers have decided not to get refunds. Many simply seem grateful that the developer has confessed to being in over his head and appreciate the change in tone. Many seem to believe that previous updates and interactions have been rather venomous and that the developer is too glass-jawed to take criticism. In contrast, a lot more humility was visible in the last post and new determination:


“With the decision of offering refunds, Midora certainly becomes a distant dream. However, I am not giving up on it at all. My goal is to get back on this project as soon as possible…”

Do you think Midora will one day be released? Or is it nothing but a pipe dream?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the update for yourselves for the full story. And remember there is still a playable demo of Midora available despite this whole kerfuffle.

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