Back in December I reported on the future of queer Cyberpunk adventure game Read Only Memories and that future is now. Well, at least the promised free DLC, dubbed “Endless Christmas” that is. For those who’ve unlocked the “canon” ending, the All Good Things achievement, you can now continue playing after the credits have rolled. According to the just released update there should be a button marked “EX” where you can go to this post game awesomeness. For those who haven’t gotten the ending you can check out the game’s Wiki page for help.

Read Only Memories

For full disclosure, not long after covering GaymerX I offered my services to Midboss to help out in whatever way that I can but I want to state for the record that my newfound affiliation with the company will not be colored by any further articles about their products, including this one. I’m a huge fan of Read Only Memories and I can’t wait to try out the new post game content.

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