AJ Tilley is back on Kickstarter for another visual novel that he wants to get funded, and like his previous titles this one focuses on dating some lovely ladies. For those who have been keeping up with his past Army Gals will be the first crowdfunded game completely under the Dharker Studio name. While I normally would stay away from any projects that he works on just on principle alone unfortunately there’s very little about the campaign in and of itself to instill any confidence in me.

Army Gals

All we really know about Army Gals is that you’re sent to a camp for delinquents over some misunderstanding or something and on your first day you meet three rather good looking girls who are also serving time there. We also know that starting on your second day there everyone else mysteriously vanishes conveniently leaving the four of you alone to fend for yourselves and survive. That’s it. There’s not even a pitch video, just a couple images and basically what I stated above.

Army Gals

I’m very much not shy about being a fan of dating sims and…*cough*…eroge, but what little I’ve seen with Army Gals I’m most certainly going to have to pass on. AJ Tilley being attached to it or not. Also, the image of the girls, while admittedly not hard on the eyes the uniforms do leave little to the imagination. I doubt their tops are “regulation”, so to speak. My first reaction was to shout “You’re almost out of uniform, soldier!” That said, if you do like what you see I’m sure that there’s something there to enjoy. In my experience with his previous works he’s had his share of hits and misses. Mostly misses, though.

Track the progress of the Army Gals Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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