In the latest update for Planet Nomads Craneballs announced a special competition where they’re asking people to get creative and fire up the editor and to use it to build a base worthy of hunkering down in and keeping the native wildlife out of your hair. From now until the end of the campaign on February 18 you’ll be given free reign to pluck something from your grey matter and put it to the proverbial palette that is the building blocks provided.


Since Planet Nomads is all about exploring, collecting materials, and building it only seems fitting to offer some awesome swag to those who build the most impressive structures from available parts. Normally, Kickstarter frowns upon contests and competitions but seeing as how this is purely through social media (Facebook and Twitter) I don’t see this one being put down. That said, if you’re interested in participating, check out the rules page and the update for more info.


I personally plan on participating and will be giving my own thoughts on how the editor looks and feels as I build my own masterpiece. Good luck to those who decide to enter.

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