Ah, good old Ludum Dare. A place where all sorts of crazy wee prototypes pop-up. One of those you might remember, it goes by the name of Mable & The Wood. I’ll also tell you a secret – it’s getting its own Kickstarter very soon! This should happen some time around March (I say after scouring through 11 pages of comments over at the game’s Kickstarter preparation thread on TIGforums).

Being a game that mostly relies on its mechanics,  it has a rather interesting fighting system involving you flying into the air, leaving your too-heavy-to-lift sword on the ground and then waiting for an enemy to intersect with said deadly weapon. I guess all of it also makes sense since you transform to a fairy upon jumping – a quite vicious one as well, as it drains all colour out of the forest you inhabit. Yikes.

mableandthewood3It’s not going to be so simple though, as there seem to be quite a few interesting sword interactions planned – like collapsing wooden bridges, or activating platforms. More details on the early design behind the game’s mechanics can be found in in this particular post, which is also surrounded by a ton of planning on the actual Kickstarter, its content and how it should be handling things in general. Really though, all of this goes to show how much preparation is required for launching a crowdfunding campaign, especially one that is taken so seriously by its developer.

Mable&TheWood1Speaking of which, Mable & The Wood’s sole creator is Andrew Stewart (also known as TripleVisionGames), with most of his current work consisting of small games on Newgrounds. This also seems to be his first attempt at entering the Kickstarter machine, but after having looked at the Tigsource thread something tells me this might be a success story.

Then again, I’d also hate to jinx it, so that’s all you’re getting for the time being.

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