After a bit of radio silence, Flying Carpets have made an update concerning their fairy tale adventure game, The Girl and the Robot. Game designer, Salim announced that the game is nearing the end of it’s development and they are hoping for a Steam release in as little as a few months, followed by the Wii U and PS4 versions.


To tide fans over until the launch trailer is ready, Salim posted some screenshots of the newly completed castle maze section. Everything looks beautifully hand-painted to add to the whimsical storybook feel of the art. Both the girl, and her intrepid robot friend, can seek a higher vantage point from within the maze to better search for the exit, all while working together to solve puzzles and defeat evil robot minions.

thegirlandtherobot2It seems like the team has been making steady progress behind the scenes without much fanfare, but hopefully they’ll start making more noise as the game’s release finally draws near. This game looks too pretty to be ignored. You can check out our initial preview and visiting the Kickstarter page for more pics of the new area.

Joanna Mueller
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Joanna Mueller


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