Beastmaster And Prince (猛獣使いと王子様) is a famous Otome visual novel released in Japan back in 2010. It gained quite the fan following over there and was even re-released for the PlayStation Vita in the summer of 2015. Unfortunately for those in the west, the game never saw a western release and this Kickstarter plans to change that. With a goal of $150k, b2g Studio wants to localize the furry friendly tale. The original game took around 30 hours to complete so it’s quite the undertaking, but the Kickstarter is being funded fast. In just a few days it has raised over 30k so it’s clearly in demand.

Beastmaster and the Prince
“Says here we’ll be fine if we move to New Jersey”

The original story is Fruitsbasket levels of sweet. The heroine sets out to become a great beast master but gets distracted trying to lift the curse of the handsome princes she encounters. The curse in question has turned them all into animals (thus the Fruitsbasket reference) including a wolf who looks seriously like Diamond Dog from Metal Gear Solid V. The game boasts a unique ‘cuddle system’ that only mildly screams bestiality (Not that I can talk considering my thorough enjoyment of Hatoful Boyfriend) and mildly resembles the Pokemon ‘petting’ system. The Kickstarter page mentions a number of extra quests outside the main story so hopefully the game will have a lot of content to work with. The overall style and concept is very much like a classic fairytale.

Oh Japan

I’ve noted that the original game was rated 15+ so it might not be all fluffy stuff but still does look like Ouran Highschool Host Club had a baby with Fruitsbasket in the world of Dragon Quest. If you’re into Otome then I get the feeling that Beastmaster is the one to back. You’ll have to back $25 to put your name down for the game and remember you can always check out the Japanese trailers for the game on YouTube. What do you think of Kickstarter being used to fund localizations of games? What Japanese games would you pay to have localized?

Track the progress of the Beastmaster and Prince -Flower and Snow- Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith is an English Teacher in Mianyang China with a passion for gaming. Stephanie is dedicated to Edutainment and wants to bring video games into the classroom and help other teachers do the same. She's a little too overly enthusiastic about collecting Steam badges and fairly grumpy if she doesn't get her daily dose of Markiplier and Game Grumps.
Stephanie Smith
  • So an Otome furry title! Is it kinda like Hatoful Boyfriend?

    P.S. To answer the question, yes I’m absolutely thrilled to see Kickstarter used more for localizations 🙂

    • I think it’s a lot longer than hatoful boyfriend and probably more fairytale-ish. Hatoful Boyfriend is just a thing all on its own lol. Such a great game. I take it you’ve played HB? Which bird are you shipping? I’m a Yuuya kinda girl XD

      • Dawnyaaa

        Hatoful Boyfriend..unfortunately, i am kind of phobic when it comes to birds..
        I couldn’t play mom use to own a lot of birds and when they..died..well..

        She kept them..taxidermy? it was creepy..since then i can’t look at a bird straight. But i heard the game is good.

        • I’m legit terrified of owls. I find spiders and rats and bats cute though. Just owls

          • Dawnyaaa

            She’s so cute! I had a spider when i was young, this fluffy feeling on your hand..<3

            I am phobic of every birds but a bit more of owls and doves (because when i was a teen one of them kind of hit me on the back of my head..i am super cautious now when i am in town and there is some, i got a bat-radar lol).

          • An Eagle owl drooled on me at my younger brothers birthday. I was like NOPE.

      • Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, though if I do pick it up I’ll definitely go with the Vita port. If I’m lucky by the time I pick em up, they’ll offer retail copies in a collection bundle.

  • My first reaction when I saw this was the Fruits Basket reference too. If they weren’t asking for $25 I’d consider backing it just for that reason (I love the anime/manga). And I have absolutely no problem with crowdfunding for localizations. I’ve backed a few myself.

    • I am soooo in favor of localizations. I want them all lol

  • Dawnyaaa

    Geez, Fruits Basket *_*
    Not gonna pledge either, i already reach my quota with Quantum Suicide and Libra on the VN side.
    Plus 25 as an entry tier is too high, like Serena said. Still i love fruits’s one of the very few anime i keep on my computer (always)

    • Honestly, I feel exactly the same. 25 is just too high, but i suppose the reasoning is that they know hey’re going to be successful so it’s basically a pre-order? Fruits basket was the second anime I ever saw and the first to make me cry

      • Dawnyaaa

        Not sure. Lately a lot of VN set their entry prices at 25$.
        Must be because the price for the japanese license skyrocketed?

        • Hmm I didn’t know that, I wonder what caused the price to be raised

  • Milosiac

    You should add to your article that the english version will include both the original game + the sequel “Snow Bride” + a bunch of extra scenes and scenarios. 2 games for $25 isn’t exactly expensive.