However I may feel towards AJ Tilley and some of his antics I will give him points for actually finishing and releasing his games in some shape or form. While there are still plenty of outstanding titles a few have seen the light of day. And even with issues surrounding getting Beach Bounce finished I’m glad to see that it has been finished and the “remastered edition” has finally been released in full.

Beach Bounce

For those that don’t know, there were some problems with the writer for Beach Bounce leaving it only 2/3 finished. Not wanting to leave it as it was and just shelving the game after moving everything over in-house to the new Dharker Studios brand they went ahead and reworked the script and finished off the assets to give us a finalized version of the game. According to the update, that date is now and those who already bought it can download the update and play now.

I’m honestly interested in seeing how the newly finished product fares against the first two parts that I had already played through.

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