When fighting against hordes of murderous mutants, knives and guns will only get you so far. In an attempt to level the playing field, C-Wars developer, Onipunks, have introduced hulking player-controlled robots to the game.


Speaking of the playing field, the Mechas aren’t the only change addressed in the new update. The battlefields have been remade into larger grids with a tile system to allow for more combat formations. This change has left some backers confused as C-Wars appears to be moving in a different direction than the one promised back when it was funded.

Another odd change since C-Wars hit Steam Early Access has been the lack of focus on the characters and story which had featured so prominently during the Kickstarter. When asked about this, Onipunks assured backers that the characters were still around, but with some changes.

We’ve reset C-Wars’ timeline so they are all children now. Awesome kids though. We can say no more. We don’t want to take away your pleasure of discovering. We can only confirm: Yes, they are still in the game. No we didn’t drop them. And it’s gonna be awesome.”

After reading the mixed Early Access reviews which C-Wars has garnered so far, I certainly hope they are right.


Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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