AutoAttack Games is bringing their wildly popular Legion TD Warcraft mod to Steam as a standalone release with Legion TD 2. The project just launched on Kickstarter, but already seems to have some fire behind it, which isn’t surprising really considering the community following the original mod amassed.

Breaking the cycle of traditional tower defense games, in Legion TD 2 the towers are actually dynamic fighters, bought with in-game gold, and placed to attack incoming enemy creatures. Players can also use their town-folk to gather resources which can then be used to buy mercenary characters to give them a competitive edge.


Based on the teaser video the game already looks pretty solid. Spectacular particle effects and animations really bring the battles to life. The guys on the developer team are completely earnest in their desire to make a game they’d want to play, and it’s hard to watch the video and not want them to succeed.

Legion TD 2 is looking for $50,000 so they can finish creating the initial 4 legions, 20 creatures, and 16 mercenaries needed for the closed beta launch later this year. The high price tag also enables them to build the necessary multiplayer beta server, since it would be hard to have a competitive experience without it.


With nearly a month to go and the Kickstarter already over half-way funded it looks like the Legion TD 2 team is on-track for success. Good thing they are planning to add stretch goals, because it seems like they are going to have the funding for them.

Track the progress of the Legion TD 2 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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