Bullet dodging? Check. Pixelated blood? Check. Classic 90s VHS static? Check. Oh, let’s also add Devolver Digital to the list, since Strafe developers Pixel Titans have announced their collaboration with the benevolent indie purveyor a few days ago. (Seriously, these guys are getting busier each day.)


It would certainly be a lie if I said I wasn’t extremely glad to see this partnership take place, a little over a year after Strafe shook the crowdfunding lands by getting funded for $207,847. Really, simply looking at Devolver Digital’s catalogue of obscure-looking, yet masterfully crafted indie offerings is enough to realize that Strafe strikes just the right chord.

I also remember watching the game’s “banned commercial” video the moment its Kickstarter got revealed to the public. The way it screamed “remember the 90s?” while simultaneously managing to fit in a small kid’s head blowing up in goop scattered all over the screen. Ah, good times.

Going back to reality, Pixel Titans also mention early 2017 as an official release window, so you can add that to your calendar of potentially accurate videogame releases. On a side note, Strafe might have the best worst videogame website. Also, here is a new gameplay trailer.

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