Avast ye, landlubbers! A new Blackwake update has reached the shores, bringing fresh animations, joyous music and other precious booty! You can check it out for yourself here, with plenty of videos ready to quench your thirst for pillaging and sailing the seas.


We’ve covered Blackwake plenty in the past, talking about the success of its resurrected Kickstarter and how it hits the nail on the head in terms of the way it handles its updates. Despite having launched an unsuccessful campaign in November 2014, the game’s current development seems to be going rather well in comparison, especially after it sailed off with 171,422 AUD last September.

The update in question shows off a bunch of new character models while also stating that no micro-transactions will ever be implemented when it comes to customization and such. (We’ve seen that promise being broken by other devs many times, but let’s hope this won’t be the case with Blackwake.)

Business-models aside, there are quite a few added weapons such as muskets and blunderbusses, which appear to now be fully animated. For example, here’s a video showing how throwing a tomahawk towards the general direction of your enemy’s skull looks like.

Personally, Blackwake gives me a huge Guns of Icarus vibe in terms of the way its heavy reliance of teamwork meets hilarious moments of sudden destruction and chaos. I think it’s one of those games that partially relies on a few comical glitches here and there, but also manages to convey the ferocious feedback of being hit by a cannonball coming in full speed from a rival ship, with characters flying off into the sunset while you desperately attempt to fix your vessel’s punctured hull.

Then again, there’s also that other small pirate game called Sea of Thieves that’s currently in development by Rare, making me unsure as to how Blackwake will manage to compete with that. However, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots of YouTubers get on board with the game when its closed alpha comes out, which should be happening late March or early April.

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