April Fools is a time to gather all your friends together and lie to them. Or maybe you’d prefer to lie to people on the internet. I don’t know, I never really understood it myself, but maybe that’s because I’m boring. Trust me, I’d never lie to you.

Some people who aren’t boring though are those who seek to crowdfund their videogames. Throughout the years, there have been several joke campaigns that have sought to get a laugh out of people. Oh sure, some of them might actually have been seeking money for whatever reason, but I think it’s safe to say most of these campaigns in today’s CAT are all about the April Fools hilarity.


Stunningly realistic “playstation graphics” from Military Shooter Ultimate.

Possibly my favorite campaign in the video, and I’m not giving you any reason to watch it by telling you the best part, I know, is Military Shooter Ultimate by k g. The same person who brought us “equal rights for all” this time last year (which ended April 1, 2015) is back with “the next best military shootter for the ps4.”

Don’t worry everyone, the developer “didn’t bother to finish building because I need newer computer.” Phew.

I also take a look at the gaming section on GoFundMe, a site we don’t normally cover here at Cliqist because none of us particularly like staring into the eyes of madness. You’d be amazed at how many people want you to buy them a computer. “Kek mlg 310 gamer,” in the immortal words of Enq Gaming.


Your guess as to what’s going on in this screenshot of Trump Wall Simulator 2017 is as good as mine.

But there are some other classic campaigns in today’s video like Deadpool, Trump Wall Simulator 2017, Double Fine Adventure, and a woman shoving a USB cable into a hotdog. Oh, I lied to you about one of those.

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