After publishing that massive list detailing every suspended Kickstarter campaign, I noticed a few patterns. The first was between 2012 and about mid-2014, most of the bad campaigns were just that, bad campaigns. Developers not giving enough information about their game, terrible reward tiers, stuff that broke the most obvious rules. That’s when most of the true (whether genuine or suspicious) scam campaigns were run, projects that wanted to take your money and run.

From mid-2014 up to now, most of the suspended Kickstarters were nothing more than attempts to troll people. It’s impossible to tell how many of them were genuine, like My Friend Jeff, but others like Help me Play Mario on the Gamecube are so pathetic they have to be a bad joke.

Suspended after it was found the creator made fake accounts to back the game.

Several of these Kickstarters got the hook after they hit their funding goal too. Some were even hours away from ending, running off with tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s alarming that Kickstarter can drag their feet on quality control for so long. It’s true that using any crowdfunding website is akin to gambling, but gambling requires that the participants all know exactly what they’re getting themselves into before they begin. With a string of trolls, scam artists, and creators who have no idea what they’re doing, Kickstarter has turned from a gamble to playing Russian roulette with the gun pointed firmly at the customer’s wallet.

As I argued at the end of that article, Kickstarter needs to screen campaigns before they go live. If not only to stop the scam artists and trolls, but for the sake of making their website a better place. It’s hard to take the platform seriously when you have pure garbage like Buy Me a Capital Pilot and Bring Your Mobile Game to Life for £1 getting equal footing as Bloodstained or Double Fine Adventure.

Suspended for… well, you’ll see in the video.

This was supposed to be a simple article in which I talk about the new video I made, which I’m only now mentioning. I made a video everyone!

There were so many bad Kickstarters that I made a list of the ten worst suspended campaigns I could find. The projects on this list range from trolls to scams. I try to figure out what happened to the Seymour Butts project, and talk about one of the few projects that I intrigued me.

I was going to make a joke about doing it for the views, but I just made that joke with CAT Bloodstained and I don’t want people to realize it’s not a joke. Instead, I’ll kindly ask you watch it here or on Youtube. Yeah.

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Josh Griffiths

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