It should go without saying by now that I’m a big fan of yuri visual novels. Which is why when I saw Starlight Vega launch on Kickstarter I had to back it. And as of now everyone can finally play the game. According to the latest update it has just launched on Steam and Go ahead and pick your favorite platform and pick it up if you’re the kind to like this sort of story. For backers, if you haven’t already done so you can claim your key over at BackerKit now.

Starlight Vega

Starlight Vega has expanded quite a bit since it first went live, which now includes three female love interests and several endings that should last for quite some time. I know I personally look forward to trying to unlock the “harem” ending because why not? If you’re still on the fence don’t forget that you can still try out the updated demo as well.

Starlight Vega

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