The In The Shadows Kickstarter really reminds me of a childhood fear of mine. You see, outside my bedroom window was a tree and a street lamp. Every night when I went to bed the light would cast the shadow of a bony hand into my room and scare me witless. In The Shadows is a story about a kid essentially fighting that fear, in a gamified and awesome way. The player uses light to scare away shadow monsters or reveal that they’re actually regular objects.

In The Shadows

It’s a puzzle platformer game and to be honest, I just really like the concept. It’s certainly a fear I can relate to, but it still manages to seem light-hearted. The developers mention that people will be able to play their demo at PAX East, but I really wish they had put it on the Kickstarter page. It’s something I really want to try before I back because a concept isn’t everything. I just really want to get hands on and know what the mechanics are like because puzzle games can often be interesting in that regard. From an aesthetic standpoint, the game really sticks out to me. The music samples really seem to set the tone and the pixel art is something I’d toast to!

In The Shadows

I really like the lighting and Pixel art

Demo or not, In The Shadows seems to have had a rather positive reception. According to the developers the game was Greenlit in just 7 days, and with a low goal of $12k I’m expecting this Kickstarter to get its funding. Still, I’m holding off in hopes that they release the demo to the public so I can make an informed decision. Question time! Did anyone else here have a fear of ‘shadow monsters’? I was also terrified of a knock-off Pikachu on top of my wardrobe, it’s glowing eyes would stare into my soul at night…

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