When it comes to putting up a game on Kickstarter, or one of the other many crowdfunding sites, one of the things that’s pretty much mandatory these days is in-game assets to show off or people will walk away from it. Even big names need a gameplay video or demo to push themselves over the edge more times than not. And this apparently is the case with the recently launched Romero/Carmack FPS collaboration Blackroom. As of today the campaign is canceled and the reasons why have been spelled out in a backer-only update.

blackroom3While a good number of people jumped into the deep end just to see these two shooter heavyweights return triumphantly without any assurances that it will be worked on, a good number of others have most likely passed on backing Blackroom due to the lack of pretty much anything but a short concept and some art. While I fell squarely in the former category I will admit that I was wary myself due to almost nothing to show off.

BlackroomWith all that said, Night Work Games announced that they’ll be working on a demo to entice those on the fence to give them money. Which honestly can only help their chances when they relaunch the campaign in the future. Due to it going to take too long to develop, pushing quite some time past the end date of the campaign, Blackroom has been, in their words, “put on pause”. Here’s hoping that it’s worth playing when it’s ready as I’d still love to give my money to this duo when the time comes around. Still, it makes me wonder if they had anything really planned out beyond what we saw.

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