As an avid adventure afficianado, when I saw Hero-U launch on Kickstarter I didn’t hesitate to back it. After all, it was the return of two more Sierra alums to crowdfunding. With that said, nearly four years later the most we’ve seen are some screenshots and a couple short demos. However, I’m a patient person but even I will admit that said patience is wearing thin. Which is why I welcome any update that I can get regarding development.

Hero-UThe current state of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is pretty much up in the air beyond what we just found out in the latest update, at least for the first campaign. I ended up not backing the second due to a number of reasons, most of which is probably best left unsaid. Anyway, it looks like “room content” is nearing completion. Which means that a lot has apparently been worked on during the periods of quiet. Just how much I don’t really know but the update does go on to say that they’ve got only two months left to finish this part up.

Hero-UThe other major piece of news in the update is in regards to the release of the beta builds to backers who pledged to the tiers that get it. They plan on having a rather extensive testing phase, “to prevent the kinds of problems we had with several of our Sierra games”. Just how long this phase is going to be I don’t know but the plan is to get test builds into the hands of backers around September or October. They don’t have a release date planned for Hero-U but based on what they’ve said I can probably infer a 2017 release, if we’re lucky.


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