In what is either the most witty satire ever or a clear cry for help, game developer, Repvblic is creating a brand new incremental game, all about peeing into a toilet.

Labeled as the “ultimate first-person shooter,” on its Kickstarter, Urine It to Win It! is seeking $15,000 to give players a front row seat to the exciting world of urination. In the game a stream of urine lands in a toilet. As points are collected they are exchanged for bathroom upgrades and access to destination bathrooms.


At this point it would be fair to wonder if Urine It to Win It! is just an elaborate ruse. It’s certainly possible, but considering the studio’s history of subversive context, there may be more to the game.

The studio, comprised of the married team of Michael and Monica Davis, have already published two other games. Their previous titles,  ICBM and Military-Industrial Complex, both received favorable reviews for their clever take on complex issues.

It could be argued that Urine It to Win It! follows a similar path by forcing gamers to question their dedication to completing menial tasks, only to be rewarded by continuing to do those same tasks in a slightly altered environment.

In fairness, it could also be a humorous social experiment to see if people will pay for a game about peeing into toilets.

All backers, regardless of funding level, will receive a copy of Urine It to Win It! when it releases. Higher level backers can earn Urine It to Win It! branded rewards. This includes such gems as lemonade, rubber duckies, or even a specialty roll of custom made toilet paper.

The Urine It To Win It Kickstarter campaign ends on May 27, 2016.

Track the progress of the Urine It to Win It! Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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