Archetypes Studios is hard at work on new free-to-play FPS, titled Midair, which draws many parallels to the sci-fi shooter franchise Tribes. That isn’t something I’m complaining about—Tribes held a candle to the top F2P FPS shooters back in the day—and developer Hi-Rez still releases patches for their latest game, Tribes: Ascend, which came out way back in 2012! Even though Tribes: Ascend’s player base has diminished exponentially over the years, with other shooters taking over the market—COD, Battlefield, and to be released this month, Battleborn and Overwatch—people still pine for shooters with the look of Halo and the warp speed of CS: GO. And it sure shows; only a few days into its campaign, Midair has already raised $59K of the $100K it’s asking for.


This fast-paced shooter combines the extreme jumping, gliding and flying of the Tribes series with a fresh art design—the weapons, specifically, remind me heavily of TF2. A lot of the gunning will be done mid-air as you launch yourself upwards with your jetpack and deploy your Ring Launcher, Chaingun, Grenade Launcher or other weapon of your choice. The game modes will consist of the conventional capture the flag (5v5 to 16v16), Deathmatch (4v4 to 10v10) and, uh, Rabbit mode, where you grab the flag and “RUN” (Archetypes’ caps, not mine) to get points. Just like in Halo, vehicles will also be available—fighters, bombers and land transport; it’ll certainly be interesting to observe the dynamic between players and heavy armor.


Midair is scheduled for release in Q3/Q4 2017. Track the progress of the Midair Kickstarter in our campaign calendar.


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