War of Rights, currently being developed in Denmark by Campfire Games, is set to release its technical Alpha sometime in the next couple of weeks—mid-May, to be more precise. Having raised £77,733 in its Kickstarter campaign, it’s a unique multiplayer game that covers the “perilous days of the American Civil War, in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862.”

warofrights2In their latest update (or “27th Field Report”, as they’ve labeled it) Campfire Games has included some gorgeous stills of a Whitworth Rifle that I will undoubtedly use to blow out many of my enemies’ brains. I’m no gun expert, but it sure looks like a worthy replica and really, really shiny.

warofrights1They’ve also added a short clip narrated by voice actor Samuel Hayes detailing the uniforms and ranks of Confederate Officers. It’s safe to say that Campfire Games is going in deep with its authentic Civil War history, which will hopefully translate to the technical alpha and subsequently the full release. I should also mention there is brief gameplay footage of soldiers being shot in the head and torso. Awesome!

Not everyone will be invited to try out the Alpha though (which is billed as a “real Alpha and not a cleverly marketed demo to attract more customers”). A preliminary wave of invitees consisting of “Lieutenant-Colonel tier backers and higher) will be able to test the game for “funny (and frustrating) glitches, crashes, work in progress art assets & game systems etc.)warofrights3

Stay tuned for more coverage of American Civil War FPS War of Rights!

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