Rogues Like Us wants to be one of the first 3D Rogue-like Hack and Slash games to hit Steam shelves. It was originally the visuals in the Kickstarter video that caught my eye. It’s not that they’re particularly stunning, but they do stand out. The enemies seem a little ‘meh’, but as I was watching the video I did want to play because it looked fun. The Kickstarter has a modest goal of $11,200 and has been in development for a while. Originally, the team made a prototype called Dungeoneers that was well received. The positive attention caught their attention and they continued to work on it, remastering and polishing it.

One thing I really do like is that the team consists of fresh graduates. Maybe it is an occupational hazard of being a teacher, but whenever I see students taking some initiative I can’t help but smile a little. Rogues Like Us almost rewards dying, the player’s weapons gain experience by killing enemies, but if the player dies, their weapons will gain strength from them. A sort of Ray Gigant-esque parasitism thing I suppose, but a good way to combat the frustration that often comes with playing these sort of games. I had to chuckle a little that one of these sacred weapons happens to be a shovel, oh don’t you worry developers, I got that reference.

Rogues Like Us Kickstarter Cliqist

Another worrying reminder that I need to play Shovel Knight before my gamer card is revoked.

If you are an Early Bird you can pledge $5 to put yourself down for a copy of the game. I’m throwing in my dollars into the Kickstarter simply because I’m impressed by their zeal (even though I’m pretty terrible at most any rogue-like game, I never even managed to beat the mother from Binding of Isaac).

What do you think of this Hack’n’Slash Rogue-like game? What are the best things about each genre? Don’t forget to comment down below and share the love.

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