Night Dive Studios had previously revealed they were working on System Shock Remastered, a remake of the iconic PC game. Now they’ve also disclosed the project will be coming to Kickstarter – and given 29th June 2016 as the launch date for the campaign.

Since forming only four years ago, indie developers Night Dive Studios have specialised in releasing enhanced editions of classic titles – including System Shock Enhanced Edition only nine months ago. System Shock Remastered represents a major step for them however. As evidenced in the pre-alpha gameplay trailer the graphics have been given a major overhaul while we’re also promised more subtle tweaks to the interface and tone.

System Shock RemasteredNo clue has been given to the Kickstarter target at this stage, but as long as it’s kept under $500,000 I have no doubt System Shock Remastered will be successful. Along with the nostalgia factor that will generate a lot of interest, System Shock has a dedicated fanbase as evidenced by the modding scene that’s still active 20 years after its release. In fact I’d bet on it being one of those campaigns that raises over $100,000 in it’s first day.

System Shock RemasteredWhat’s more uncertain is whether younger gamers unfamiliar with System Shock would share the same eagerness. Based on the promising trailer I imagine there will a fair amount of enthusiasm due to the look and atmosphere that’s very reminiscent of Bioshock and Dead Space (which of course were themselves heavily inspired by System Shock). Plus of course the planned Xbox One version will help elevate it above the majority of video game Kickstarters which only cater for the PC crowd.

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