I’m pretty much obsessed with dystopian tales, no matter the medium or genre. There’s something about taking a dark and oppressive atmosphere and having some person or group of persons “raging against the machine”. Which is why I want to love Anomie, but there’s something holding me back from pledging. Namely the more-or-less anemic pitch, with little to show off and even less to talk about. All that said, though, I want to become a fan even if I don’t decide to put in any money.

AnomieHere’s the very little we know about Anomie. It’s a dystopian setting in a world similar to our own, and that the protagonist and several other young individuals are heading to some city or something to start a new life. At least that’s the gist that I got out of it. As I mentioned, there’s really not much there to give you an idea of what to expect, beyond some philosophical points of view. Which is why I’m so glad that they actually have a playable demo to try out should I still want to give them a chance. Unfortunately, everything hinges on the experience of playing said hour-long slice of the game. That’s something that you shouldn’t have to do with a Kickstarter campaign.

AnomieIf there’s one thing that I stress when it comes to critiquing campaigns, it’s that the pitch needs to give a good deal of information. It has to be compelling enough to back without resorting to downloading and playing something. In the case of Anomie I’m afraid that until I play through the demo I’m having to pass on principal alone. I do hope the best for them as it sounds like an interesting take on the dystopian tales, though.

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