Welcome, one and all, to the debut episode of our latest series: Kicked! It’s totally not just Crowdfunding Analysis Time with a new name. It’s got a new logo, plastered in the bottom right corner of the whole video that I’m really regretting now, actually.

Through Tropic Storm Bonnie, a fried modem and router, and even flooding, we fought to bring you our first episode on Areal. We’ve talked about the ill-fated STALKER successor in the past, most notably in our Suspended Kickstarters article, but after all these years it’s time we take one final look back on all that’s happened.


For those unfamiliar, Areal was a Kickstarter campaign run by West Games. The developers, particularly project lead Eugene Kim, claimed to have worked on STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, a survival FPS made before the survival genre really caught on like it has today. Well, former developers at GSC Game World – the team that originally worked on STALKER – claimed Kim had nothing to do with the game.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg though. For a more detailed account of what happened, including an alleged email from Vladimir Putin, check out our inaugural episode of Kicked! Or episode 12 of CAT, whatever.

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