If the trailer for Mongrel’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign is anything to go on then this will be the first metroidvania style game I have seen that employs a more relaxed vibe over its combat and exploration. The visuals are seemingly influenced by modern animation greats such as Miyazaki and Disney Studios and the trailer voice over adds to the feature animated film feel.


The trailer does a good job at showing off some of the humor found in the game as well. While there does appear to be some low brow humor it also shows off some situational humor. This part of the trailer does an exceptional job at simultaneously being funny and showcasing the protagonist’s personality.


The Kickstarter campaign launches on June 29th so hopefully it will inform us a little more about the combat aspects of the game, as the trailer focused pretty heavily on the visuals. I can say with certainty that my interest is piqued and I’ll be keeping Mongrel on my radar.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3FaKp5Q7C4[/embedyt]

Bryan Rumsey

Bryan Rumsey

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Bryan Rumsey