When it comes to visual novels, you’ve got topics that run the gamut from sexy to serious to funny to downright weird. But there is a fine line between a cool looking game and being downright offensive. In the case of Go! Go! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea! it’s hard to tell just how far over this line it is. It’s certainly got elements that already have me cringing and I barely know anything about it beyond that you’re an American vacationing in North Korea and you’re potential love interests are military girls. Yeah.

Go! Go! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!

That’s basically all we know about Go! Go! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea! other than it being essentially your bawdy dating sim where you’re romancing two busty girls. I do have to give them credit for being up front for what they’re offering. They even say “We know what you’re here for“. Unfortunately for me it’s not for this game. It doesn’t help that their previous outing, Panzermadels, has left me feeling a bit too dirty and I only played the beta build. I was too ashamed to go through the entirety of that one.

Go! Go! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!

It almost feels like DEVGRU-P is purposefully trying to get people riled up. Of course, I could be entirely wrong but from what I’ve seen of both their crowdfunded journeys it’s certainly not afraid to push the boundaries, so to speak. They even admit it to some degree: “With two different romance plot-lines and multiple endings based on your choices, Go! Go! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will keep offending you for a number of playthroughs!

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