Remember the 80’s? Remember technicolor hairbands and punk rock? Remember the ninjas that invaded New York and kidnapped all those random people? No? Well, developer ShadowTeam remembers, and they’re trying to send us back to the arcade side-scroller era with Shadow Gangs.

Borrowing the style and gameplay from popular games like Double Dragon, Shadow Warriors, and Shinobi, Shadow Gangs is a game you’d waste all of your metaphorical quarters on. The game boasts challenging AI, hand drawn sprites and animations, fast, precise gameplay, full HD graphics, and at least six memorable tracks for you to throw down to.

ShadowGangs01With all that being said, Shadow Gangs is struggling to get funded. The developer has even had to lower the price of multiple perks by 50% in order to make the packages look more appealing. To date the Kickstarter campaign has only managed to receive one thousand of its $42,000 budget in four days. Even still, the steam community seems to be behind this project, showing overwhelming support for the potential genre revival.

ShadowGangs02The Shadow Gangs trailer paints the picture of a nostalgic experiences that aims to draw us back into the twitchy world of a side-scrolling adventure. With the simple objective of saving your family and kidnapped hostages, it’s easy to get sucked up into this world of ninja carnage. Only time will tell if campaign is successful, until then my inner 80’s fan can hope and dream.

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