With a name like The Superfluous, this Kickstarter seems like a humble endeavor. This Sci-fi platformer has a tiny funding goal of $500. It’s already managed to get more than half of its funding and still has nearly an entire month to go. I can tell just from reading the Kickstarter that is is going to be one of those quirky games when it comes to the story. Essentially, an asteroid is scheduled to obliterate earth in 1000 years, and you have to stop it. You and your team of superfluous space age spelunkers arrive on the asteroid to find it is a lot more lively than anticipated.


The Superfluous has yet to be Greenlit on Steam, but I’m sure that will change soon enough. Its pixel art style reminds me of another spelunking game I have on my Vita called Nova-111. You can tell a lot of care has gone into making this game, it even has different biomes. By far my favorite thing about The Superfluous is the destructible environments. They have an Alpha demo available on their Kickstarter page which I recommend giving a try. I’m pretty sure I’m destined to be a space mole. The developers mentioned that they plan to release additional content after the game is released to keep it fresh.

thesuperfluous3I’m not really very into the punishing roguelike games, and it sounds to me as if The Superfluous plans to make the player suffer for dying; which I’m sure some will enjoy. On the Kickstarter page, the developers told us that the game is mostly done. They’re very sure that they will meet their deadline in December and the Kickstarter money is simply to pay for music and marketing. With a goal so small I’m sure they’ll make it, you should check out their Kickstarter.

Which do you prefer; Rogue-like or Platforming games? Comment down below.

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