Yu Suzuki and Ys Net have celebrated the first anniversary of the Shenmue III Kickstarter and to commemorate this momentous occasion they’ve… released an 80 second video featuring Yu-San looking back at the past year.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3rWyxQdkS0[/embedyt]

It’s not exactly the most exciting update all things considered, yet the backers seemed happy with 78 positive comments and 400 likes so far. I suppose that’s because it’s generally on par with most of the updates since the Shenmue III Kickstarter ended which have all been quite brief, although it’s pleasing to see they’ve kept the updates regular with at least one a month over the past year.

Shenmue 3

After the disappointing debut of Mighty No. 9 and the slightly lukewarm reaction to Bloodstained so far, I’m really hoping that Shenme as the next ‘big’ Kickstarter videogame ends up being a success. At the moment it’s a bit too early to judge however as although there hasn’t been much visible progress so far it’s still early (the scheduled release isn’t until December 2017) and everyone seems happy at this point.

Shenmue 3

What’s a bit more puzzling for me is the timing of this anniversary update which was posted on 30th June 2016, despite the Kickstarter launching on 16th June 2015 (and reaching the $2 million target that same day). It doesn’t match up to the end of the campaign either which was 18th July 2015 (with over $6 million raised). But I suppose after waiting 15 years since Shenmue II it would be churlish  to quibble about the anniversary celebrations being a few days off!

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