I’m a sucker for a good adventure game that’s not afraid to delve into “dark humour” which is why I backed both Kickstarter attempts of Vincent the Vampire, a story about a dead dude helping out undead dudes. Or something like that. I only cared about the comedy and adventure aspects, honestly. Anyway, an update was just released telling us that they’ll be returning for a third attempt.

Vincent the Vampire

Hopefully, third time’s the charm and we’ll finally get to see Vincent the Vampire succeed. According to the update, it will also have a bit of a rework to reflect some rather unpleasant recent events surrounding Kye that had forced him not to work on the game. I do have to give him some major points for being so forthcoming in his reasons for the silence. It wasn’t asked for but the transparency is certainly a welcome sight.


With that said, we don’t know when the new campaign will launch but you can sign up for the newsletter for when it does. It will also come with a revamped demo.

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