River City Ransom Underground is ready… almost. It’s now content complete which means the end is at least in sight with just balancing, bug fixing and optimisation to go.

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The scrolling beat ’em up is the officially licensed sequel to one of the best ever NES games and from the preview builds it looks to be both extremely faithful to the retro aesthetic of the original River City Ransom, plus with 133 levels and 547 fighting moves it definitely won’t be lacking content.

River City Ransom Underground

Of course there has been a long wait for the 5,179 backers who originally pledged and had been hoping to get their hands on it in September 2014. There’s obviously been several delays since then but with three previews released so far, backers have at least been able to see progress over the past few years.

River City Ransom Underground

What’s interesting to note is that developer Conatus Creative had originally been hoping to be the first of the ‘big four’ Kickstarter video game campaigns that launched in September 2013 to see an official release. However that honour went to Hyper Light Drifter in March 2016 and since Mighty No. 9 was released in June 2016, River City Ransom Underground is now in a fight with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero to avoid finishing last in that particular race.

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