Anybody itching for a throwback to the good ol’ days of the 16-bit platformer? Head on over to Fox n Forests’ Kickstarter page, where developer Bonus Level Entertainment is running a crowdfunding campaign for their “shoot, slash, switch and snatch” action game.

Aside from the nostalgia of playing as a gun-toting pixelated badass animal, Fox N Forests boasts the feature of switching seasons, no doubt a core aspect of the gameplay. You’ve also got the clichés which made the genre so lovable in the first place: bosses, potions, loot, upgrades, a retro soundtrack and even elements of magic. The latter is a “magic melee crossbow” used to “shoot and slash” baddies.foxnforests3How will the “season-switching” mechanic factor into Fox n Forests’ gameplay, you might ask? Well, the game will give you two seasons to switch between per level, which will contrast like night and day and –yup, you guessed it—summer and winter.

In the hot, hot season you won’t be able to traverse bodies of water (nah, no water-walking) but that all changes when hell freezes over in the wintertime. Plants and animals will also be affected by temperatures and what not; for example, some plants may wilt in the off-season and you may only be able to scale that great big vine when it stops snowing.

foxnforests1With exactly a month left in the books, Bonus Level Entertainment has raised €7,207 of its €95,000 goal. You can follow Fox n Forests’ Kickstarter campaign in our campaign calendar.

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