The Adventure Pals is an adventure platformer set in a world populated by giraffes, screaming hot dogs, red blobs, and other such strange creatures (well, the giraffes not so much). The gameplay featured in the Kickstarter trailer and the colorful art style make the game look as though it’s aimed towards kids (I mean that appreciatively), but even if you’re older than the age of ten you may still find reasons to love and back this game.


For one, you get to ride around on the back a giraffe. Oh and you have a pet rock. A pet rock? Like, seriously?

Silly (and awesome) things aside, The Adventure Pals is being developed by Massive Monster and inspired by titles such as Adventure Time, Castle Crashers, Zelda 2 & Banjo Kazooie. Two player co-op will be available upon release—PC, Mac, and Linux “Early 2017”—with a lengthy ten plus hours of gameplay and 25 levels to explore.

Not only will you be able to ride your giraffe across the map all the while up beating up bad guys, you’ll even be able to, “[use] a giraffe’s tongue as a helicopter propeller.” Yeah, that’s gonna be a thing.theadventurepals2

The game will include a level system through which you can unlock new weapons and other thingamajigs, and also feature some “epic boss fights.” The Adventure Pals campaign has over three weeks to go, and so far they’ve raised over a third of the £21,450 they’re asking for.

Needless to say, this is one we’ve added to the Cliqist Kickstarter curator page.

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