Lightspeed Frontier is a sandbox ship-builder currently on Kickstarter with a goal of $2,500. In many ways, it looks like a pared-down version of another sandbox ship-builder set in outer space I covered two months ago, by the name of Avorion.

Both of these games sport similar features—resource grinding, modular ship building, and space shootouts, to name a few—but it should be noted that Avorion asked for roughly seven times what Lightspeed Frontier is currently asking for. With very similar game concepts but drastically different funding goals Lightspeed Frontier may turn out to be like Avorion with pretty much less, well, everything (I’m thinking maybe a scaled-down universe or shoddier ship-modding mechanics).


According to the Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Lightspeed Frontier has already, “been using their own funds for the incidentals.” With $2500, they’ll also be upgrade from utilizing free tools to “professional graphics design and 3D modelling,” in order to wrap up the game, which has already been in development for 16 months. Also in contrast to Avorion, which was centered around ship-building and combat, Lightspeed Frontier will be filled with humor and incorporate “news headlines, billboards, ads,” and the like in order to flesh out the storyline and universe.

If you like what you see on the Kickstarter page, you can head on over to IndieDB to download the demo and/or support their Steam Greenlight campaign. If you want to see the game come to life, you can help fund its Kickstarter campaign, which still has over a month to go.

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