Ambassador of Sieubia is an episodic fantasy visual novel revolving around “an ambitious diplomat and mage” by the name of Nisha Ellanor. Visual novels are choice-based games where you simply follow the story and make decisions along the way that affect the plot in ways little and sometimes yuge.

Ambassador of Sieubia 2

With that in mind, developer Erin Sullivan is working on a “personality trait system,” that will attempt to, “[imitate] authentic human interaction.” Each character in Ambassador of Sieubia will have their own set of traits which players uncover as they progress through the game. In order to strengthen Nisha’s relationships with her peers it will be best to make decisions that align or are related to the personality traits of said peer—which range from shy and intelligent to adventurous and confident. However, Erin notes that at times it may be best to, “push the character’s boundaries and help a very introverted character to be more out-going or a very impulsive and aggressive character to be more reserved.”Ambassador of Sieubia 3

The campaign page describes in depth many “notable characters” residing on the island of Sieubia, from anthropomorphic feline Asnarians to the Rubanis, a “tribal, nomadic, beastlike people.” Nisha will meet many of these mythological men, women, and beasts as she, “journeys throughout the world on various assignments and personal adventures.” If you’re interested in Ambassador of Sieubia you can check out its Kickstarter campaign, which still has a month to go and is asking for $45,000 to securely crowdfund and bring it to life.

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