Is it a sausage? Is it a corgi? Oh, no. It’s both, actually. The second element can also be a bald eagle, a “birdie” or a shark. They seem to be bumping into each-other as well, frantically chasing a ball. Oh my, there are spikes. Goodbye, shark-sausage.

What you just read is a (somewhat) accurate representation of the thoughts that went through my mind while watching Sausage Sports Club‘s Kickstarter video. Through mild confusion followed by near-hysterical laughter, I saw a party game where sausage-shaped animals run around, bumping into each other in a sports arena, swinging their heads in a barely controllable fashion. It all looks a bit similar to Gang Beasts, but I’m certainly not complaining.


There’s really not much more to it, other than the campaign currently offers five game modes. These range from classics, like capture the flag and soccer, to crazier ones involving sumo-wrestling around deadly spikes, hitting fellow sausage-shaped animals for coins or painting the map with your face. All in all, a bunch of jolly activities best consumed with friends whom you can blame for everything.

I’ve also heard that funny looking skins and hats are in the works.

Gameplay specifics aside, it’s worth mentioning that Sausage Sports Club is solely developed by Chris Wade – a man who’s done contract work for games including Battle Chef Brigade, Manifold Garden and Mortal Kombat X. While certainly a nice background to have, it also shows that we’re looking at a passion project developed on the side; according to the Kickstarter, the game is about 10 months into development.


Asking for $15,000, the campaign looks to be handled rather well on all fronts. There is also one particularly intriguing “campaign feature”, a daily Sausage Sports Club Twitch stream running every night throughout the campaign’s duration. Players are given the opportunity to spectate AI matches while voting on game modes and potential victors, with virtual coins giving the most active viewers a chance of receiving backer-exclusive goodies.

Come to think of it, that’s a rather clever way of initiating a following for the game, especially during its crucial crowdfunding stage. Judging by the obvious focus on multiplayer, though, I am slightly disappointed to see that there isn’t a higher reward tier offering a bundle of multiple game copies.

Georgi Trenev

Georgi Trenev

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Georgi Trenev